About me:

My name is Kenneth Marino. I am a PhD student at Carnegie Mellon University in the Machine Learning Department. I primarily work in Computer Vision, but I’ve dabbled in Natural Language, Reinforcement Learning, and Robotics and I have taken courses in a variety of topics in Machine Learning and Statistics. Please see my personal webpage for more information about my academic work. 

I also have some experience on the news side of things. At Georgia Tech, I was a news reporter, a copy editor, News Editor and Managing Editor of the Georgia Tech newspaper The Technique. I covered a wide variety of stories from hard news to university issues.

About this blog:

I go over in detail why I decided to write this blog in my first post, but to save you a click:

I am writing this blog because the field of Artificial Intelligence, and the way it’s being covered by journalists, public figures, and occasionally even researchers who should know better is  insane! A lot of the people talking very loudly about AI have no idea what they’re talking about. Well known public figures fear-monger about the dangers of AI, even as we continue to struggle with some of the fundamental challenges in the AI disciplines such as Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and Robotics.

This blog seeks to correct this issue. When there is hype about a AI technology, I will be there to pour cold water on everyone’s heads and talk about the limitations of the work. When someone says something nuts about AI taking over the world, I will be there to set your mind at ease. No BS will escape my sight.