Artificial Intelligence

A fairly broad description an academic field of computer science broadly concerned with creating computing systems which behave intelligently.

Fields of AI research:

Be sure to use the word sparingly, and only to refer to the broad field. Avoid referring to something as “an AI.” Referring to it as such gives readers mistaken impressions about what the system actually is, most often invoking Science Fiction AI. Use instead Agent, Classifier, Algorithm or simply System, depending on the particular setup. Use the same terminology as the paper author or interview subject.

Note that few (if any) Artificial Intelligence academic departments exist in universities. This is either considered a research interest within computer science departments, or have departments for the AI sub-fields.

Industry labs often name labs as AI (e.g. Facebook AI Research). These labs typically do research in one or more of the AI fields of research such as Machine Learning or Computer Vision

When possible, refer to more specific area of research such as Computer Vision or Machine Learning rather than Artificial Intelligence.