AI Style Guide

As I discussed in one of the first blog posts, style guides are an essential tool for journalists when covering topics. They do everything from defining basic terms to giving instructions on what to say and not say about a topic. On a basic level, they define how journalists should use language.

A large part of this blog is discussing how we ought to be using language to describe AI. Many misconceptions about AI can be partially traced back to the lazy or ambiguous use of language.  Because the way we use language describing AI affects how we think about AI, journalists, public figures, and anyone else seeking to talk or write about AI must be very careful in the words and language they use to describe it. That is why, as part of this blog, I am launching an AI Style Guide.

The style guide contains terms related to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Some terms are just stated with no explanation. Some are briefly defined. Some topics, like Artificial Intelligence, include longer discussions about the usage of the term and things to be avoided. All entries are written in plain English with no mathematical notation. These entries should be used as a way to understand terms at a basic level, not as a way to learn the concept in a deep way.

In the future I will also be adding additional resources to this page such as an interview guide for how to interview subjects about AI-related stories.

If you want definitions or discussion to be added, please use the comments in the original or in another post. If you are a publication and actually want to use this style guide, feel free to email me at and I will be happy to assist you and answer any questions you might have.